Inhale the future, exhale the past

What kind of yoga do I teach?

The yoga I teach is a gentle to intermediate all levels class. I believe offering options empowers each individual body to make positive choices for themselves. My goal is to support you through a yoga class to feel the breath and body move in a nurturing way.

What is yoga?

Yoga is breathwork and body movement with a long lineage of teachings. To me yoga is the grounding connection between mind and body. Yoga has been a tool for me in creating a deep sense of connection with others and with self.

What is Kripalu yoga?

As a fellow Kripalu teacher once said, "Kripalu yoga is the yoga of you." The phrase I feel encompasses the whole idea of Kripalu yoga. The practice is about fostering a connection to self, learning to listen to your own body sensations and riding the waves of the feelings and sensations that come up, Kripalu yoga offers tools to feeling more at home in your body.